The Complete Guide to Finding Your Perfect Semirural Lifestyle Block in Southwest WA

Do you dream of finally escaping the fast-paced city life in favour of a more peaceful existence surrounded by nature, where you can wake up to birdsong and grow your own produce?

If worry about being cut off from civilisation is what’s holding you back, a semirural lifestyle block in Southwest WA might just be how you get the best of both worlds.

Semirural lifestyle blocks allow you to bask in nature without losing touch with society, offering the ideal balance between peace and convenience. You can benefit from much of the same lifestyle you’d expect living on rural land in Southwest WA – fresh air, long walks in nature, having room to grow your garden, and being part of a close community – while still being a reasonable drive from amenities such as shops, schools, and healthcare.

What Are Semirural Lifestyle Blocks?

Semirural properties, also called lifestyle blocks, range from anywhere between 1000m² to around 40 acres in land size. They offer you the opportunity to keep limited livestock or grow produce while having easy access to amenities like power and water. Often, these smaller blocks of land are also nestled among other rural residential properties, meaning you can have a sense of space and privacy without feeling isolated.

Why a Semirural Lifestyle?

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The simplicity of semirural living has a huge appeal for those wanting room to breathe without having to maintain a huge amount of land. Especially when you have your own block of land in an area as beautiful as the Southwest, it allows you to disconnect from the chaos of the city and truly embrace nature. Activities like gardening, farming, horse riding, kayaking, bushwalking, caving, and much more, can be right on your doorstep.

At the same time, semirural areas still have reasonable access to the creature comforts we have become so accustomed to. With just a short drive, you can access schools, shops, healthcare, and social events, preserving much of the modern conveniences that we love.

Key Considerations for Southwest Lifestyle Blocks

If the semirural lifestyle is calling you, then let’s explore the key considerations when starting your property search…

Location: Convenience Versus Seclusion

The Southwest offers many diverse landscapes, from coastal towns to forests and wine regions each offering different lifestyles. Ask yourself whether you prefer being a short drive to the beaches and cities such as Bunbury or Busselton, or more tucked away inland, surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards. Map out key locations like hospitals, schools, shops and town centres that you foresee needing to access regularly.

Of course, achieving total seclusion will require compromising on convenience and vice versa. Find your perfect balance based on priorities like hobbies, community connection, family needs etc.

Employment Opportunities

While moving rural may allow you to retire or work remotely, also investigate options if needing local employment. Industries like agriculture, fishing, forestry, mining and tourism provide jobs across southwest towns. Larger regional hubs also attract public sector and professional services roles.

Understanding what the major local industries and employers are will give helpful context when shortlisting locations.

Council Zoning, Utilities & Regulations

Before purchasing land, ensure you understand the council zoning specifications and district plan guidance. This includes:

  • Minimum lot sizes for buildings and subdivision
  • Number of dwellings allowed
  • Keeping livestock allowances
  • Home business usage
  • Utility connection requirements
  • Building codes and consents

Clarify upfront that your intended use of the land is possible to avoid future headaches.

Determine How Much Land You Really Need

While owning 20-50 acres may sound idyllic, bigger is not always better! Land maintenance can be demanding. Be realistic about what’s manageable based on your budget, time, and physical capabilities. Most find that a low-maintenance quarter-acre to a couple of acres
block provides all of the peaceful rural change you seek without becoming overwhelming or unaffordable.

Of course, if you’re keeping horses or farming livestock, more space will likely be needed. In this case, it’s best to seek council guidance on stocking densities suitable for your area.

Finding Your Semirural Sanctuary in the Southwest

The southwest promises accessibility to the Aussie rural lifestyle dream. With some strategic planning assessing your priorities like location, land use and community – you’ll be living your best life in no time. Reach out if you need any guidance finding available lifestyle blocks to inspect in your areas of choice!

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