Finding Cheap Land For Sale in the South West

When searching for your ideal block of land to call home, price is understandably a major consideration. Luckily, buying land to build on in WA’s beautiful South West region can still be very affordable, with many areas still offering cheap land for sale when compared to Perth metropolitan areas and other capital cities.

Of course, there’s no sense in buying land that’s not suitable for your needs, no matter how cheap it is. In this article, we’ll explore several factors that affect land prices in the South West. You’ll want to weigh these up carefully, as the ideal is to find the right balance between affordability and suitability to your needs and lifestyle.

Location: Cheap Land vs Convenience

Finding a middle ground between cheap land and your ideal lifestyle can be a delicate balancing act.

Coastal land naturally comes with a more premium price tag, especially blocks with ocean views or within walking distance of popular beaches. If you’re a surf enthusiast or daydream about waking up to the sound of crashing waves, you may need to re-adjust your expectations – either of how much you’re willing to pay for your land or how close you can realistically be from the beach.

Areas that are further inland can offer a much more affordable price tag while still being surrounded by nature. However, it is important to consider that the closer you are to town, the more land prices will tend to go up. This is especially true when it comes to the tourism capitals of the South West, such as Margaret River and Busselton.

None of this means you should avoid the region. Beautiful areas draw popularity for good reason, and there are still many affordably-priced lots available in this region. Truthfully, the cheapest land is usually cheap for a reason, often because it’s located in a very remote or inaccessible area.

Absolute seclusion in a remote location offers undeniable appeal. Yet for most, striking the right balance between seclusion and proximity to civilisation proves key to long-term enjoyment. This is because isolated living also poses very real logistical challenges—long drives for groceries and supplies or limited access to medical care and connectivity.

The best of both worlds for the vast majority of country buyers is finding an affordable block of land within comfortable proximity to amenities and conveniences. This allows you to immerse yourself in the natural surroundings and rural lifestyle while still having easy access to grocery stores, medical care, entertainment, and other modern comforts. The South West has many vibrant towns that strike this perfect balance. Nestled amongst pastoral landscapes, lush vineyards, and tall forests, they allow you to enjoy privacy and connect with nature, while still being surprisingly close to all the trimmings of civilization.

Land Size: How Much Do You Need?

Unlike Perth where new homes crowd ever-shrinking 220sqm lots, the South West still offers affordable land with room for you to really stretch out. This increased space and privacy also often comes at a cheaper price than building in the city.

However, you should make sure you carefully consider how much land you really need. Vast acreage comes with some great opportunities, like running livestock, planting orchards, keeping horses, or starting a small-scale farm. However, this lifestyle also demands greater long-term costs and upkeep. That’s why in many cases, a block of land as small as a quarter acre is enough to hit the rural sweet spot: enough room to enjoy nature while still being easy to maintain.

Affordable Land for Sale in the South West

Wealthy buyers flocking to Perth and competing for limited land stock has led to eye-watering property prices. Yet vacant lots just a couple hours’ drive away in thriving South West townships can be cheaper than anything Perth has to offer.

Owning your slice of paradise is more achievable than you may think. Savvy buyers who broaden their property search into the regions are often pleasantly surprised at what their funds can secure.

The South West serves up the ideal blend of natural beauty, community and convenience with a much more affordable price tag. With quality land available at affordable rates, you can build your dream regional getaway or forever home.

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